Titanic Lives: Migrants and Millionaires, Conmen and Crew

Richard Davenport-Hines
Titanic Lives: Migrants and Millionaires, Conmen and Crew
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Thomas Laqueur writes:

Premier Exhibitions Inc. describes itself as ‘the leading provider of museum-quality exhibitions throughout the world’: Bodies lets visitors ‘see inside carefully preserved real anatomical specimens’ and Dialog in the Dark features New York in a blackout (‘and here’s the twist – your guide is visually impaired’). But Premier Exhibition’s core business is RMS Titanic Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary that has exclusive rights to salvage artefacts from the wreck that was discovered under 12,500 feet of water in 1985.

(LRB 24 January 2013)

Published by HarperPress
27 September 2012
ISBN: 9780007321667

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