Our Year on Twitter

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Around this time last year, Natalia, the capricious manager of the LRB Bookshop, decided it would be a sensible business to set up a Shop Twitter Account. Over the subsequent twelve months, the account has gone from strength to strength. Our tweet informing customers of our Easter opening hours received three 'likes'; on 14th June, we enjoyed our first 'retweet', from valuable social media "thinkfluencers" @buy1000followers. There was a lull from August to early September when we lost the post-it note where we'd written the password, but luckily it turned up, and shortly afterwards, we crossed the ten tweet threshold.

Here are some highlights of our rollercoaster year on technology's liveliest platform:

Whoops! Serves us right for leaving twitter open after a jolly customer evening:

'Twitter after dark' continues apace. The unfortunate staff member that tweeted this nonsense arrived in work the next morning to find his twitter privileges thoroughly revoked:

One of the highlights of Twitter for us has been the chance to interact with famous literary figures. Here, we offer examples of ham products to the novelist Sarah Perry.

This seems to be yet another example of facetious late-night tweets:

This one is completely inexplicable:

Thank you very much to all our customers for putting up with us.