The Soseki Lunch Challenge

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Natsume Soseki is the bookshop’s author of the month for May, and in celebration of his adventures as a student in London we are proud to present the Soseki Lunch Challenge. Starting from the Bookshop, our young hero will set out to visit and photograph himself in front of various sites associated with Soseki, as well as purchasing and consuming a burrito – all within the meagre compass of his single lunch-hour.

The sites are:

55 Gloucester Place, where Soseki received private tuition from the great Shakespearean W.J. Craig (nearest burrito joint is the Baker St Chipotle, but I might aim for the Tortilla off Oxford St instead)

80b the Chase, Clapham Common, where Soseki lived, and which now operates as a Soseki museum (nearest burrito joint is probably the Tortilla by Clapham Junction)

The Tower of London, about which Soseki wrote one of his best-known short stories (nearest burrito joint the Chilango next to Monument)

A birch tree somewhere (this was David’s suggestion), to mark the White Birch literary movement of which he was a member (nearest burrito joint: will have to play it by ear)