Christmas Quiz 2018

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Our Christmas Quiz this year is themed around 'Australian mammals', including mammals from all three of the main groups: monotremes, eutheria, and metatheria. Each round focuses on a different mammal. Answers should be sent to, with 'australian mammals' (all lower-case) in the subject line. The winner, determined if necessary using the tie-break, will receive a book on a relevant subject.

(Each answer is a book title, containing all the letters of the word Dingo)

  1. One of the best cookbooks of the year, fusing German and Welsh flavours, with an astonishing recipe for Quark rarebit.
  2. Latest novel by the perennial Nobel bridesmaid. Its cover features an owl, some black splodges, and a single white splodge.
  3. Autobiography of the gent who voiced the delusional parrot in the underrated 2000 film 102 Dalmatians.
  4. A perennial LRB favourite tells us about some famous writers’ dads.

(Each answer is an author's name, containing all the letters of the word Koala)

  1. Her latest novel is named after the condition of homelessness; other novels are named after a gap, a property of birds, a book, and some particularly high-flying swine.
  2. Nineteenth century Russian novelist (whose books have received some handsome 2018 reissues) who was the ‘Namesake’ in a 2003 novel of that title.
  3. An artist whose personal belongings went on show in London this year, including her plaster corset, a diagram of her washing line, and her bottle of chloroform.
  4. A poet, whose 2018 second collection is named after a Swiss or French Savoyard dish.

(The clues will reveal the name of the mystery animal)

  1. First two letters: the first two letters of the title of a new novel about life in a Mennonite community.
  2. Third and fourth letters: first two letters in the surname of a contemporary postcolonial critic and political philosopher, who won this year’s Gerda Henkel prize.
  3. Fifth and sixth letters: the first word of the title of Flann O’Brien’s first novel.
  4. Put them all together to make the name of…… the mystery animal.

(Identify the book from a detail of the spines)

(The kangaroo has been jumping on the names of the small-press publishers, and all the letters are out of order. Unjumble them to find the correct names.)

  1. 'A Short Desertion'.
  2. 'Bard Forsook Food'.
  3. 'Re: Rev's slips'.
  4. 'Soaking Boot'.

Come up with three puns: monotreme / author's name, eutheria / publishing house, and metatheria / regular LRB contributor. The winning pun will be selected by Charlie.