Spring Simnel Cakes from the London Review Cake Shop

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Spring Simnel Cake

Smoked Almond, Apricot and Brandy

Made to order by Cake Shop Manager Terry Glover, this rich, rye flour fruit cake is made with smoked almonds and apricots. We've soaked the apricots, golden sultanas and barberries in a fragrant blend of brandy, black tea and ginger and each cake is topped a layer of marzipan and a hand-painted Red Squirrel sugar paste decoration.

Terry - "I love Easter for its melding of traditions, near and far. I love the earth-based celebrations of the Equinox, the lengthening of days, daffodils and march hares. My Grandma, who I grew up with in Melbourne, was a practicing Catholic. She went to mass and celebrated lent, and we ate smoked cod in parsley sauce every Friday until the Big Easter Sunday family lunch of roast chicken and baked apple sponge.

At bakery school here in London, the old bakers introduced me to the regional stories attached to the Simnel Cake and Mothering Sunday. They talked about the people working in service going back home to the mother Church and family on the fourth Sunday of Lent, bringing home the Simnel Cakes with them.

For this year's Spring Simnel cake, I haven't stuck entirely to the usual heavy marzipan version. Instead, I've used a thin layer of marzipan under the hand-painted Red Squirrel sugar paste design, and I've added 12 gold balls to mark the months of the year."

How To Order

Each cake costs £20 and is made to order.

Pop into the Cake Shop at 14 Bury Place to order yours today, or email dhinman@lrb.co.uk to place an order in time for your Easter feast.