From ‘The History of Black People’: a poem by Morgan Parker

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EVENT: On Thursday 25 July, author of There are more beautiful things than Beyoncé Morgan Parker joins us to read from her new collection and discuss her work with gal-dem's Georgina Lawton. Book tickets.

from ‘The History of Black People’


Single black female cries into a glass of rosé
on a Friday in April at 10:54 PM, is once again
an unpleasant movie date, makes every little thing
political, needlessly references Paula Abdul’s
stint as a Laker Girl, wakes up fevering
in the dark afraid of trust, forever sucking on
a technical bad mood, imagines her bones
damned, false teeth in the grass
below her feet, is a patient culprit,
names her heart a dumb tick. Forgive us
our dissonance. We hold shame close.
A black boy’s hairline finally puts us to sleep.
A sea creature shucks sand for gems.

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