‘Sammy Davis Jr.’ by Morgan Parker

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EVENT: On Thursday 25 July Morgan Parker, author of There are more beautiful things than Beyoncé, will be a the shop to read from her latest collection Magical Negro and discuss her work with gal-dem's Georgina Lawton. Book tickets here.

Sammy Davis Jr.

There are no dressing rooms for you

                              snickering in golf pants

they regret to inform

                              stirring bloodies with celery stalks

a clan by any other name

                              growing slowly in the courtyard

the life of a thief, a spider bite

                              dead between the eyes

belly-round with misfortune

                              you remember your mother, fireflies

smear your cheekbones in whiteout

                              you wait outside until you are called

A fountain lights up, you forgive, again

                              heaven drools with indifference

Magical Negro is published by Corsair, priced at £10.99. Click here to reserve your copy.