Bloomsbury Continues to Reopen

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A couple of weeks ago I compiled a (short incomplete) list of what was open in Bloomsbury - here are some updates.


First, and most importantly, Franx Continental Cafe is back open. It isn't really in Bloomsbury - it's off Prince's Circus, which since the middle of last year has been a horrible building site - but it's well within range and if you are interested in vast unhealthy ciabattas it is astonishingly good. Their menu hasn't changed; the masterpiece, a ciabatta with napoli sauce, mushrooms, chicken escalope, mozzarella and sausage, is still there if you look for it. No word on if they're going to bring back their legendary 'lasagna ciabatta' (exactly what it sounds like) but if it returns I will let you know.

Kanada-ya in St. Giles is reopened, and for the first time ever doesn't have a six-mile queue outside. It is just as good as the hype.

The promising-looking Korean street food spot I mentioned in the last instalment is still not open, but getting closer to being open every moment. They were applying decals to their windows this morning.

I had a really really good bacon bap in a Bloomsbury cafe for late breakfast last week, but now I've forgotten which it was.


The Lamb on Lamb's Conduit Street has finally reopened. Here is a whistlestop tour. You need to download the Young's app.

The Lord John Russell on Marchmont Street has reopened! Their new hours are 12pm - 10.30pm. Their pies are still excellent. It is good to have them back.

The Holborn Whippet is back, on much-reduced hours - Wednesday to Friday, 3pm to 8pm only. They have used the lockdown to acquire an actual whippet. They're doing takeaway, as well; Bloomsbury Square is across the road.

All the Sam Smiths have reopened - the Princess Louise, the Crown and the Angel.

Independent Shops

The Highland Store on Bury Place has reopened Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 10 - 6, for all your sporran needs. They are still running their kilt hire service (some of us think their kilts should be lower).

The Bloomsbury Oxfam has been overwhelmed with donations and aren't currently accepting anything; lots of good stuff in their antiquarian section especially.

The Contemporary Ceramics Centre is open - Wednesday to Saturday, 11am - 4pm (6.30pm Sat).