The Bloomsbury Cookbook: A Unique Celebration of Life, Love and Art at the heart of Bloomsbury

Fully Booked
London Review Bookshop

Whenever Virginia was coming to tea they knew they would laugh, and be surprised, and be made to feel that the temperature of life was several degrees higher...

To celebrate the publication of The Bloomsbury Cookbook (Thames & Hudson), we held an exclusive evening at the Bookshop, a stone’s throw away from the kitchens and dining rooms where the Bloomsbury group would converge.

Author Jans Ondaatje Rolls was in conversation with artist Cressida Bell on the world of the Bloomsbury group. The talk was accompanied by a menu of recipes and cocktails inspired by the book, courtesy of Terry Glover of the London Review Cake Shop; the evening opened with a cocktail devised by Vanessa Bell, followed by salmon mayonnaise, a good deal of truffle cream and the potent Green Dragon Quaglino....