Kid Gloves: Adam Mars-Jones with Edmund Gordon

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London Review Bookshop

Novelist, memoirist and reviewer Adam Mars-Jones will be at the shop to read from and talk about his latest book Kid Gloves: A Voyage Round my Father (Particular Books). Adam Mars-Jones's first book of short stories Lantern Lecture won a Somerset Maugham award in 1981, and was followed by The Darker Proof (co-written with Edmund White) and Monopolies of Loss, two books that came to define the Aids epidemic for a generation. Kid Gloves is an affecting portrait of his father, a homophobic former High Court judge, parts of which have previously appeared in the LRB. Mars-Jones will be in conversation with Edmund Gordon, another regular LRB contributor who teaches Creative Writing at King's College London, and is curently working on a biography of Angela Carter.