LRB Screen: Small Screen, Big Ideas - the Television Collaborations of John Berger and Mike Dibb

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Most famous for their collaboration on Ways of Seeing, John Berger and Mike Dibb have worked together for over forty years. The screenings of ‘Pig Earth’ (50 mins) and ‘Once Upon a Time with John Berger’ (52 mins), will be followed by a Q&A with director Mike Dibb and Gareth Evans who will discuss Dibb’s remarkable body of work and his long friendship with Berger.

Pig Earth (50 mins)

Made for BBC's Omnibus, and inspired by Berger's acclaimed stories, this is a striking examination of peasant experience and features the photography of Berger's long-time collaborator Jean Mohr.

Once Upon a Time with John Berger (52 mins)

From the 1983-5 Channel 4 series About Time (co-directed with Christopher Rawlence), on storytelling and the meaning of experience.