Eddie Prévost and John Butcher

Tickets Available
London Review Bookshop

Eddie Prévost and John Butcher will be performing in our intimate downstairs venue at the Bookshop.

Prévost is a percussionist, Butcher a saxophonist; both of them are distinguished improvising musicians. Prévost is perhaps best known as one of the founding members of the legendary ensemble AMM, which was set up in 1965 by a group of improvisers who were interested in going beyond jazz and incorporating ideas from modern composition. Since then, Prévost has been continuously active, performing and recording with many of the contemporary avant-garde's leading lights, and supporting the scene via his record label, Matchless Recordings, and the weekly improv workshops that he runs in London.

John Butcher is a former physicist and a pioneer of electroacoustic improvisation who often amplifies his instrument to produce percussive and otherworldly sounds. He has played with Prévost on several occasions, as a duo – captured on the album Interworks – and in various other formations.

The bar will be open from 6.30 p.m.