Talking Politics Live: David Runciman, Helen Thompson and Rory Stewart

Fully Booked
Church House Westminster

Since the summer of 2016, as it’s grown into one of the UK’s most successful and influential podcasts, Talking Politics has continued to use the same tag line: politics, it says, has never been more unpredictable, more alarming or more interesting. Somehow this has remained unarguably true for three years and counting – and it looks increasingly likely that in late October, as the LRB turns 40, it’s going to be truer than ever before.

In the week of the Brexit deadline, as part of the LRB’s anniversary celebrations, Talking Politics is temporarily relocating to Westminster for a special live recording. At Church House, which Churchill requisitioned during the war for use as a makeshift, emergency location for both Houses of Parliament, David Runciman and Helen Thompson will be joined by the leading advocate for an alternative Commons in the event of a forced-through No Deal Brexit. Rory Stewart, the former Secretary of State for International Development and regular contributor to the LRB, was the breakout star of the Tory leadership election and is one of the most outspoken and imaginative voices in British politics.

David, Helen and Rory will discuss the state we’re in, and what on earth happens next, in what promises to be the most momentous week in recent political history – since the last one.

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