Stephen Dillane and Gare St Lazare Ireland present Samuel Beckett's 'Film'

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In a very special event marking 50 years since he won the Nobel prize, and 30 years since his death, we are presenting both versions of Beckett's only screenplay. The 1965 original (restored by Ross Lipman), starred no less than Buster Keaton, while the 1979 remake featured the equally distinctive Max Wall.

Discussing the challenges and joys of performing Beckett, we're delighted to be joined by the remarkable theatre company Gare St Lazare Ireland (Director Judy Hegarty Lovett and Conor Lovett, with Stephen Dillane and film-maker Grant Gee) currently adapting the writer's last novel How It Is to award-winning acclaim. How It Is Part 2 premiered in Cork in September and will tour to the Coronet Theatre, London in April 2020.