Ali Smith: Summer

Tickets Available

Join us for a unique event to celebrate the finale of Ali Smith's Seasonal Quartet, Summer.

Ali Smith’s quartet of season novels is unashamedly political, driven by current affairs. The first of them, Autumn, was published shortly after the EU membership referendum. Autumn was followed by Winter, an updating of Dickens and Shakespeare incorporating Brexit, the Grenfell fire and Donald Trump. After Winter comes Spring, a passionate hymn to hope in dark times. Now the quartet concludes with Summer, set during the Covid lockdown and dealing with themes as diverse as migration, the meaning of family and what it means to be British in a time of disintegration.

As this event cannot take place in the bookshop, we have a specially curated (and one-off) event comprising a film made by Sarah Wood and accompanied by the voices of Ali Smith and her editor, Simon Prosser.

Unfortunately Ali won’t be able to answer questions as part of the event.

A link and instructions will be sent out on the day of the event via email.