A Late-Night Duet with a Nightingale Live: Sam Lee and Alice Zawadzki

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one note, five times, louder each
time, followed, after a fraught
pause, by a soft cuckle of
wet pebbles, which I could call
a glottal rattle.’
– from ‘To a Nightingale’ by R.F. Langley, first published in the LRB in 2010

For several years, every April and May, when our few thousand nightingales arrive in south-east England and start singing their hearts out, the folk singer, song collector and conservationist Sam Lee has performed a series of very extraordinary late-night shows. With a tiny audience and a special guest in tow, he wanders into the pitch-black Sussex countryside until he finds a nightingale, then folds its song into a performance of his brilliantly imaginative interpretations of folk standards, often featuring nightingales in the lyrics.

These concerts have been witnessed by a very small number of lucky attendees but Sam’s company The Nest Collective have agreed to make a livestream available for one night only, to Subject/Object ticket-holders. Best experienced through headphones, under a blanket/the stars.

Sam’s guest will be the award-winning vocalist, violinist and composer Alice Zawadzki.

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