LRB Screen at Home: Gaby Wood on The Birds

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‘As I traced the albatross’s outline for the second time, I could hear the curator on the phone, receiving instructions to close the museum for the foreseeable future. I put down my needle and looked at the bird’s face. Its skull was tilted to the left, as if asking a question. I packed up my things.’ – Gaby Wood, writing in the LRB in 2020

This first instalment of Subject/Object borrowed its title from Hitchcock (and Daphne Du Maurier) – The Birds, rather than simply Birds – because the film and the ways it has been interpreted, over the years, present a kind of taxonomy of the giant questions that birds continue to provide pocket-sized entry-points into: of sound and vision, geography and environment, past and future, interdependence and consciousness. The questions, in other words, that we’ve been brushing against all week!

For this special one-off edition of LRB Screen at Home, Sam Kinchin-Smith will be joined by Gaby Wood, literary director of the Booker Prize and regular contributor to the LRB on cinematic subjects, to close the festival with a conversation about Hitchcock’s ever-resonant movie, and subject matter.


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