The Place of Birds in Writing about Place

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‘Where they remain to this day
crawling through the cracks
in the crumbling mortar to tongue
the tingling air, brooding
on their inheritance.’
– from ‘John’s and Sam’s’ by Steve Ely, published in the LRB in 2020

‘What does it mean to inhabit a place?’ asked Jessica J Lee in the latest issue of The Willowherb Review. ‘Or indeed, for a place to become a home?’

She’ll be joined by Steve Ely, excavator of Deep England in unlikely places, and biographer of his fellow Yorkshire poet, Ted Hughes; Anita Sethi, whose acclaimed account of walking the Pennine Way in the aftermath of a race-hate crime, I Belong Here, has just been published by Bloomsbury; and the Scottish Highlands-based artist and writer Amanda Thomson. They will discuss the ways birds have a habit of flying into their portraits of place, in a conversation presented in partnership with the Willowherb.

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The place of birds in writing about place with Steve Ely, Jessica J. Lee, Anita Sethi and Amanda Thomson