'Angry White People': Hsiao-Hung Pai, Owen Jones, Daniel Trilling and Ash Sarkar

London Review Bookshop

In Angry White People (Zed Books) award-winning author and investigative journalist Hsiao-Hung Pai delves deep into the day-to-day lives of the most marginalised section of the white working class. In this fantastically daring book, she follows a group of individuals caught up in the wave of far-right street movements in the UK beginning in 2009. Among these are Darren, who took part in the formation of the English Defence League but who left it after two years; a Reading-based activist nicknamed Viking, who once occupied the cathedral in Derby in order to assert his right to carry a sword, and the infamous Tommy Robinson, founder of the EDL, whom Pai saw change from a young, foul-mouthed Luton lad to a well-received, suited and booted, Oxford Union guest speaker.   Pai uncovers that their ideologies are not an aberration in modern British society, quite the contrary, they are constantly reproduced, rejuvenated and mainstreamed by the media and politicians.   To discuss the book Hsiao-Hung Pai was joined by Owen Jones, Guardian columnist and author of The Establishment and Chavs, Daniel Trilling, author of Bloody Nasty People and editor of New Humanist magazine, and Ash Sarkar from Novara Media.

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