What Have We Done?

Begin the process of getting over Brexit with a limited edition print of the cover from our 14 July issue, which contained responses to the referendum. Readers around the world have drawn comfort from Anne Rothenstein’s depiction of – denial? Depression? Acceptance? The London Review Bookshop has therefore decided to commemorate the worst collective hangover in living memory with this elegant, eloquent poster. Buy one and feel (a little bit) better.

Cover by Anne Rothenstein. LRB Volume 38 Number 14. Dimensions : 420mm x 594 mm (A2) Material: 170 gsm Coated Silk Exclusive to the London Review Bookshop

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Speaking as a single entity isn't always straightforward; each of our booksellers takes pride in their eclectic reading tastes, their specific areas of expertise and their personal literary foibles. We've had some vehement disagreements about Dickens and nobody can agree on who should have won the Booker Prize. But ...

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