Happy All the Time

From the publisher:

“A luminous telling of two modern romances, a book that lingers sweetly and hilariously in the memory.” —Dallas Morning News

Guido and Vincent are childhood best friends—third cousins, really—living in Cambridge and dreaming about their futures. Guido plans to write poetry while Vincent feels confident he will win a Nobel prize for physics. When Guido spots Holly while exiting a museum, he can immediately sense that she will difficult, quirky, and hard to live with. He loves her on sight. Vincent, open-minded and cheerful, meets Misty at work. Though she is a bored and misanthropic brunette, he finds himself desperate to know her.

Through courtship, jealousy, estrangement, and other perils, Happy All the Time follows four sane, intelligent, and good-intentioned people who manage to find love in spite of themselves.

Gayle recommends:

Happy All the Time is a very rare thing: a novel about fairly contented people, in fairly happy relationships, that nevertheless manages not to be twee or shallow or boring. A totally joyful experience from start to finish, and full of delicious food to boot (Laurie Colwin was also a food writer) – like a gentler, happier companion to Nora Ephron’s Heartburn.

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