Madame Mephisto: A Novel

From the publisher:

What would you talk about if you were stuck in a room with a drug dealer for five days? Magda, a Polish immigrant, grows cannabis in underground containers in eastern Poland and ships it to the UK. But her plans change when she has to attend a funeral of a family member and she only has five days to convince her mysterious listener to help her expand her empire. Magda begins to tell the unexpected story of her life – the cover jobs in London, the strained relationship with her family who know nothing about who Magda really is, and her development as a cannabis dealer. Can you trust somebody who is two people, and how do you know when to believe a professional liar? ...Menacing, fast-paced, with a unique and intense voice, A.M. Bakalar’s first novel reveals unexpected truths about the lies we tell and the people we are.

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