Boris Johnson: The Beast of Brexit

On 15 April 2016, the London Review of Books blog’s editor Thomas Jones published a post about Heathcote Williams’s latest pamphlet, titled ‘Boris Johnson: The Blond Beast of Brexit – A Study in Depravity’. Williams has privately circulated his unsigned pamphlets for forty years, but public interest in his latest takedown was unprecedented. The blog was the most-read article on the LRB website for a week; several people came into the London Review Bookshop asking for a copy. The LRB has therefore agreed to distribute, on behalf of Williams, a limited print run of the pamphlet to satisfy public demand as debate about Brexit becomes ever more hysterical. A Study in Depravity costs £7.99 and is available now, exclusively, from the London Review Bookshop in Bloomsbury. Ask for it by name.

Heathcote Williams is an English author, poet, playwright and actor. He has been self-publishing political pamphlets for the last forty years.

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