Summer Will Show

From the publisher:

Sophia Willoughby, a young English woman from an aristocratic family and a person of strong opinions and even stronger will, has packed off her unsatisfactory and improvident husband to Paris. He can have his tawdry mistress. She will devote herself to the serious business of properly raising her two children. Then tragedy strikes: the children die, and Sophia, in despair, finds her way to Paris, arriving just in time for the revolution of 1848. Before long Sophia has formed the unlikeliest of close relations with Minna, her husband’s sometime mistress. Minna leads Sophia on a wild adventure through Bohemian and revolutionary Paris. Sylvia Townsend Warner, was one of the most original and inventive of 20th-century English novelists as well as a frequent contributor to the New Yorker. Summer Will Show is the most out-and-out exciting of Warner’s novels and a brilliant re-imagining of the possibilities of historical fiction.

Gayle recommends:

Pick up any Sylvia Townsend Warner book and you're in for a treat, but Summer Will Show is a particular favourite. It follows young English aristocrat Sophia Willoughby as she steals her lousy husband's mistress, and discovers communism, all against the backdrop of revolutionary Paris. Blissful!