Adam Mars-Jones writes:

D uring​ the US presidential campaign of 2016 Louis Amis wrote a scabrous satirical story from the point of view of a member of Trump’s team, a daring exercise in fantasy that was revealed as hopelessly timid when the election result was announced. Jenny Offill’s novel Weather is an attempt to grapple with a future that is hard to inhabit imaginatively, the consequences of climate change as they come ever closer, but it too suffers from an abrupt turn in the world outside the book, the advent of an upstart apocalypse. The pandemic at least has edges: there is the possibility of containment. The challenge Offill confronts, or tries to slip past, is to conceptualise a crisis without edges, or as her narrator Lizzie puts it, ‘21st-century everything’. Everything on the point of collapse.

(LRB 02 Jul 2020)

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