Towns in Britain: Jones the Planner

Towns in Britain started life as an online collaboration between Adrian Jones, a former Director of Planning and Transport for the City of Nottingham, and graphic designer Chris Matthews; here, Jones the Planner's journey through the towns and cities of Britain is much expanded and presented in lavishly illustrated form by the wonderful Five Leaves Publications. As you might expect from a book that cites Ian Nairn, Owen Hatherley and Jonathan Meades as inspirations, it’s an often angry exploration of the political forces that have shaped our urban landscapes; but its embrace is greater, and warmer, than that. Jones the Planner has an infectious enthusiasm for the underappreciated, rejecting the notion of ‘crap towns’ and inviting us to look again at the less celebrated aspects of our built environment. Towns in Britain will have you jumping on the next train to Letchworth Garden City, and there aren't many books that can claim that.