Blood Work

From the publisher:

‘A book that simultaneously tickles you and shakes you by the scruff of your neck. These poems resist the dualities of lyric versus narrative, confessional versus impersonal, real against surreal, formal/improvisational, comic/sad. Matthew Siegel manages to tick off all the boxes at once, while remaining compulsively readable.’ – Lucia Perillo

‘The deceptive directness of Siegel’s debut is remarkable; in his capable hands, illness reveals how barely contained any human being is, and how we reach, alone and together, for whatever will hold us.’ – Mark Doty

‘Siegel’s poems see the world with an immediacy and compassion that could only come from the decision to be vulnerable. It is such a simple-seeming principle of poetrry – yet it is as rare as hen’s teeth.’ – Tony Hoagland