From the publisher:

"Pedicure remains a pleasure, read at any speed or hovered over. Filtered through a fairy feller’s garden of delights, music layers merge as language zooms through thought to focus bracketed by timed description. Pages twitch body pollen mist to drift across purls in wine. All this under a Gulley Jimson foot: on record, grateful." – Tom Raworth

Tom Betteridge is a writer and researcher living in London. His poems and essays have appeared in Textual Practice, Blackbox Manifold, DATABLEED, Gnommero, Hix Eros, Intercapillary Space, The Literateur, Scree, Spam and ZARF.

Edition of 250, hand-bound paperback, 24pp, 200mm x 130mm; cover: Zerkall 220gsm with French folds; interior: Canaletto Velino 125gsm.