Food Glorious Food

'Giving food a story means giving a simple meal the power to become a lifelong memory,' writes Ruby Tandoh in the excellent Eat Up, 'whether that story starts with dipping a net in a rock pool or heaving a trolley around Lidl on a Saturday morning.'

Here are some of our books with thoughts on food and food for thought.

Foodists: Writing about eating from the London Review of Books

John Bayley, Joanna Biggs, Angela Carter, John Lanchester, James Meek, Emma Rothschild, Steven Shapin, Adam Smyth, E.S. Turner, Margaret Visser, Bee Wilson, Francis Wyndham

‘Food, like sex, is mostly in the head,’ writes John Bayley in the piece which gives this anthology its title. Sure enough, in the LRB’s pages, food has often been a medium to think about ...

An Anarchy of Chillies

Caz Hildebrand

From the publisher:

Celebrates 100 powerful personalities from the chilli family in lively four-colour illustrations, presenting everything the aspiring chef or gardener needs to help them ...

The Modern Kebab

Le Bab

From the publisher:

From Cauliflower pastilla, Endive and pomegranate salad, and Merguez and chickpea ragu, to kebabs that include Grilled mackerel with dill, pickle and fennel, Spring chicken ...