John’s Spring Picks 2019

Dear Rachael, I'm having a wonderful holiday. Red wine, beans, pony-trekking & big Tuscan sunsets. Here's the web copy as requested: Here's a few books I'm looking forward to this spring. A debut collection from Isabel Galleymore! Pamphlets from Martha Sprackland and Sean Hewitt! The new book from Bee Wilson, one of the best food writers going! Geoffrey Hill's last book! Hope that's all OK - let me know when it's going up and I'll retweet it. Give my best to everyone in the shop and tell them I'll be back soon. One of the churches here has a scene of the crucifixion carved onto a wolf's tooth.

all the best

P.S. Could you tell Charlie that the sausage I was thinking of was 'mortadella', but it turned out not to be from round here in any case.

The Way We Eat Now

Bee Wilson

From the publisher:

We never snacked like this and we never binged like this. We never had so many superfoods, or so many chips. We were never quite so confused about food, and what it actually is.


Seán Hewitt

From the publisher:

‘In these luscious, breathtaking poems, the reader is subject to a queering, in the sense of something made strange; the self and the landscape are blended in myth, in ...