The Best Book Events in the City

Out of a mixture of gratitude and admiration, we turn our shop, twice a week or so, into a miniature auditorium in which authors talk about and read from their work, meet their readers, and engage in lively debate about the burning topics of the day. Find out here who’s scheduled to appear.

Audio and Video

Missed one of our sold-out events, or longing to revisit an evening you enjoyed? This site includes a healthy selection of audio, video and pictures from previous events in the Bookshop. Browse through our calendar, or scroll down for a full listing.

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Upcoming Events

Will Self’s latest novel Shark explores the hidden history of the late 20th century, taking in the American invasion of Cambodia, the sinking of the USS Indianapolis and reckless experimentation with psychotropic drugs. Self will be at the ...

James Meek will be at the bookshop to talk about his new book, Private Island (Verso), a scathing assessment of the last two decades’ privatisation of public assets, ranging from electricity to postal services to municipal housing. What has ...

Past Events

There's nothing quite like the experience of meeting the author of a favourite book. But if you weren't able to make it to one of our readings, don't despair! Explore the sights and sounds of events you may have missed – or want to revisit – below.

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