Silver: Return to Treasure Island

Matthew Bevis writes:

Many people have wanted Stevenson to grow up – and to grow up to be a novelist. Stevenson admitted that ‘as I go on in life, day by day, I become more of a bewildered child: I cannot get used to this world.’ What might Treasure Island look like, then, if it grew up a bit? Perhaps something like Andrew Motion’s novel Silver: Return to Treasure Island. It’s 1802 and Jim Hawkins is now in his fifties; his son, Jim Junior, the main narrator, is nearly 18. So the younger Jim is a little older than Stevenson’s narrator (Jim Hawkins was around 14) and is not so much wide-eyed as dewy-eyed. The last words of the first chapter set the tone: ‘There, in the deepest solitude of green and blue, I fell to thinking about my life.’

(LRB 25 October 2012)

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