A Companion to Marx’s Capital

David Harvey
A Companion to Marx’s Capital
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Benjamin Kunkel writes:

The deepest economic crisis in eighty years prompted a shallow revival of Marxism. During the panicky period between the failure of Lehman Brothers in September 2008 and the official end of the American recession in the summer of 2009, several mainstream journals, displaying a less than sincere mixture of broadmindedness and chagrin, hailed Marx as a neglected seer of capitalist crisis. The trendspotting Foreign Policy led the way, with a cover story on Marx for its Next Big Thing issue, enticing readers with a promise of star treatment: ‘Lights. Camera. Action. Das Kapital. Now.’

(LRB 3 February 2011)

Published by Verso Books
01 December 2009
ISBN: 9781844673599

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