The Lost Villages: Rediscovering Britain’s Vanished Communities

From the many thousands of British villages which are now no more than ruins, Henry Buckton visits and describes 21 that have been deserted comparatively recently, from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th. The reasons for their disappearance are manifold: Stocks in Bowland for instance was flooded in 1930s to provide a reservoir for the towns of the North West; Hallsands in Devon was claimed by a violent storm in 1917 after the Royal Navy had removed its natural sea defences; and Imber in Wiltshire and Tyneham in Dorset were requisitioned by the MoD during the Second World War, and never returned. Henry Buckton combines archive and modern photographs of the villages with personal recollections of those who knew them as they were, and who witnessed their sad ends.