A Cross-Section of our Sale

All good things come to an end. And sometimes, just before they end, they get even better. For one more week only, we’ll be offering a selection of titles at 75% off. Happily, our sale items are only available in person at the shop, and cannot be bought by new-fangled methods such as the internet, email, telephone or letter, which gives you the perfect excuse to come to Bloomsbury. As if you needed one.

The Highway Rat

Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Axel Scheffler

From the publisher:

Life is not safe for the other animals, as the villainous Highway Rat gallops along the highway, stealing their food. Clover from a rabbit; nuts from a squirrel – he even ...


The First Emperor: China’s Terracotta Army

Jane Portal and Qingbo Duan

One of the most astonishing archaeological discoveries of all time was made, by chance, in 1974, when a life-size warrior, modelled in terracotta, was uncovered near the burial mound of China’s ...


501 Minutes to Christ

Poe Ballantine

Poe Ballantine’s vignettes of life as a drifter present an America of boarding houses, bus stations and diners, bruised and hopeful, downtrodden and resourceful, often heartbreakingly sad and ...


Fixed: Global Fixed-Gear Bike Culture

Andrew Edwards and Max Leonard

From the publisher:

Fixed-wheel cycling has become the coolest form of urban transport, giving rise to a global fixed-wheel culture. This work examines the intersections between the fixed-wheel ...



Edgar Allan Poe, Stuart Levine and Susan F. Levine

From the publisher:

Representing Poe’s fantastical thoughts on how the universe was formed and what its future might be, this edition aims to put “Eureka” in proper context. It includes ...