January Sale

Some gems from our January sale.

Cock and Bull

Will Self

From the publisher:

Two supremely skewed novellas that comprehensively challenge our ideas and assumptions about masculinity and femininity

All Our Worldly Goods

Irène Némirovsky, translated by Sandra Smith

From the publisher:

Pierre and Agnes marry for love against the wishes of his parents and the family patriarch, the tyrannical industrialist Julien Hardelot, provoking a family feud which ...

Almost Like Spring

Alex Capus, translated by John Brownjohn

From the publisher:

As 1933 draws to a close, the pair arrive in Basel from Wuppertal, Germany. Rebels on the run, they are searching for an escape from the confines of a callously regimented ...

Love Falls

Esther Freud

From the publisher:

On a holiday with her father, Lara meets the Willoughby family, rife with illicit alliances and vendettas. The more embroiled Lara becomes with them, and with the beautiful ...

Faces of Latin America

Duncan Green and Sue Branford

From the publisher:

Faces of Latin America has sold more than 50,000 copies since it first appeared in 1991, and is widely considered to be the best available introduction in English to the ...