Utopias, Old and New

John Burnside will be at the shop next week to talk about his utopian novel Havergey (Little Toller). To mark the occasion, we've compiled a utopian reading list to set you dreaming of a better life.


John Burnside

From the publisher:

John Burnside’s examination of place and utopia set on the remote island of Havergey.


News from Nowhere and Other Writings

William Morris, edited by Clive Wilmer, introduction by Clive Wilmer

Morris’s romantic socialism receives its fullest imaginative expression in this fable. A Victorian socialist named William Guest awakes to find himself in 2102, with the world around him ...


Saint Thomas More and Ursula K. Le Guin, introduction by China Mieville

Glen Newey writes:

‘A New Jerusalem cannot be built without an effective sewage system,’ Miriam Eliav-Feldon wrote in Realistic Utopias (1982). Indeed, the old Jerusalem relied in biblical ...

A Modern Utopia

H. G. Wells, edited by Gregory Claeys, introduction by Francis Wheen

From the publisher:

While walking in the Swiss Alps, two English travellers fall into a space-warp, and suddenly find themselves in another world.

The Faber Book of Utopias

edited by John Carey

John Carey has assembled a vast array of extracts, ranging in time and place from ancient Egypt to contemporary California and encompassing every conceivable genre, to provide a magnificent ...



edited by Ross Bradshaw

Five Leaves, a small left-leaning publisher based in Nottingham, have started a journal for works-in-progress and off-cuts by authors from their impressive stable. The first issue, Maps, has been ...