Five Crudo Songs: a playlist

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Olivia Laing, our Author of the Month for July, selects five songs to accompany her debut novel Crudo. Listen to the playlist on Spotify.

1) Queen and David Bowie – ‘Under Pressure’

What was more worrying was Trump and North Korea. People said nothing was going to happen, but since people by which she meant pundits had wholly and absolutely failed to predict any of the carnage of the past year, she doubted their reliability.

2) David Bowie – ‘Let’s Dance’

She was indeterminate and oversexed, a hot chrysalis, if she’d had a dick you better believe it would be perfect, at least as good as David Bowie’s.

3) Maria Callas – ‘Vissi d’Arte’, from Tosca

Then they were off, marching to Maria Callas, I do and hereby and turn and face and forsaking all others till death. It was actually an openish marriage but yes she meant it. No one on earth could possibly be so nice.

4) Queen – ‘Don’t Stop Me Now'

Kathy liked Diana, she liked hysterics and also stoics, she liked thinking of her prowling around Kensington Palace, carrying her phone in one hand, stepping carefully over the cord, maybe a glass of Chardonnay in the other. Talking to Freddie Mercury, darling I’m so bored you can’t imagine, come over, okay shall I come round.

5) Sinéad O’Connor, ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’

She and Carl expressed their ongoing sorrow and concern with regard to Sinéad O’Connor, who was going through a rough time publicly documented in YouTube videos neither of them could bear to watch. Poor beautiful Sinéad. Instead Kathy put on ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ and gazed in awe at that choirboy’s face.

Olivia Laing is our Author of the Month for July. Read more about her work here.