Fourteen Little Red Huts: Robert Chandler on Platonov

London Review Bookshop

The Russian poet Joseph Brodsky once wrote ‘I squint back on our century and I see six writers I think it will be remembered for. They are Marcel Proust, Franz Kafka, Robert Musil, William Faulkner, Andrey Platonov and Samuel Beckett.’ The surprising name to most people will be that of Andrey Platonov, unjustly neglected even in his native country. One of his great champions in the west, Robert Chandler, will be at the shop to discuss his co-translation (with Susan Larsen and Jesse Irwin) of three of Platonov’s plays, published by Columbia as Fourteen Little Red Huts. Absurd, surreal and nightmarish, Platonov’s work encapsulates a a world that was, to the inhabitants of Stalin’s Russia, all too real. Chandler will be in conversation about Platonov and his work with theatre directors Irina Brown and Josephine Burton and composer Gerard McBurney.


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