For Sake Of Joy Of Study Of Oneself Together: Allum, Beresford, Lee and Wastell

London Review Bookshop

Jennifer Allum : violin
Steve Beresford : electronics
Stewart Lee : spoken word
Mark Wastell : percussion
For Sake Of Joy Of Study Of Oneself Together is a spoken word piece derived from a poem originally written by drummer John Stevens. Stevens is best known as one of the original instigators in the development of freely improvised music that began to formulate in the middle 1960s and he dedicated his entire career to the discipline, through group performance, recordings, publications, teachings and workshops. Mark Wastell transcribed the poem from a live concert recording given by Stevens in 1991 and set it to an improvised musical accompaniment for a project organised by Trestle Records which can be heard here.
This evening’s concert will feature an extemporised reading by Stewart Lee together with an improvised score performed by Jennifer Allum, Steve Beresford and Mark Wastell. All four are fully conversant and highly experienced in the delivery of improvised material.
Dedicated to John Stevens 1940 - 1994


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