Christine Molloy and Joe Lawlor on ‘Further Beyond’

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This event isn’t a screening, it’s a live-streamed conversation about the film, which is available to watch FOR FREE GLOBALLY beforehand! Details below:

For the seventh screening in our new #dontdrivewithoutgoodeyesight incarnation, hosted by Gareth Evans, acclaimed Irish film-making duo Christine Molloy and Joe Lawlor present Further Beyond, their hugely entertaining, insightful and inventive essay film on belonging, migration, and the perennial dreams of possible lives.

Molloy and Lawlor started out in experimental performance as Desperate Optimists, a moniker we can surely relate to at this time, and have long been fascinated by the nature of identity, and role-playing: what it means, indeed, to ‘perform’ one’s life, or the hopes one has for it. These themes run through their fiction features, including their latest film, but in Further Beyond they explore them in a wonderfully playful non-fiction mode, mixing reflections on photography and representation with moving family footage, thoughts on editing and the biopic, all anchored around a remarkable historical episode that they bring vividly to ‘life’.

Further Beyond will remain available to view for free via the Vimeo link in your confirmation email until 4 June, and is also available to watch online at Mubi.


First watch Gareth’s introduction.

Then book your free ticket and you’ll receive a link and password to watch the film for free.

Send questions for our panel (again, before Wednesday) by using the hashtag #LRBscreenathome on Twitter, or by email to:

Then on Wednesday 3 June at 7 p.m., join Gareth, Christine and Joe on our YouTube channel for a livestreamed discussion about Further Beyond, here.

You’re very much invited to ask questions, post further reading recommendations etc. in the comments – we’re keen to make these events as conversational as possible!


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