Nairn’s London

From the publisher:

This book is the winner of the Telegraph Books of the Year and Obeserver Books of the Year 2014. ‘This book is a record of what has moved me between Uxbridge and Dagenham. My hope is that it moves you, too.’ Nairn’s London is an idiosyncratic, poetic and intensely subjective meditation on a city and its buildings. Including railway stations, synagogues, abandoned gasworks, dock cranes, suburban gardens, East End markets, Hawksmoor churches, a Gothic cinema and twenty-seven different pubs, it is a portrait of the soul of a place, from a writer of genius.

Gayle recommends:

Long out of print, and now available again in this glorious facsimile of the 1966 original, Nairn's London is a funny, angry, stirring tour of London's architecture. Fifty years old, and still one of the best books on London going. (And very good on pubs as well.)