The Argonauts

Jenny Turner writes:

Most writers she knows, Maggie Nelson writes, ‘nurse persistent fantasies about the horrible things – or the horrible thing – that will happen to them if and when they express themselves as they desire’. Everywhere she goes – ‘especially if I’m in drag as a “memoirist”’ – such fears appear to be uppermost in everybody’s mind. ‘People seem hungry, above all else, for permission, and a guarantee against bad consequences. The first, I try to give; the second is beyond my power.’ But why the fear of writing the thing you really want to? Whence the assumption that what you’d really want to write would be memoir?

(LRB 22 October 2015)

Claire recommends:
I promise you, there hasn't been a book quite like this before. Maggie Nelson discusses her relationship, motherhood, art and gender fluidity in this queer-theory-cum-memoir with a big heart.

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