Soul Keeping Company: Selected Poems

From the publisher:

Lucie Brock-Broido’s poetry conjures what is half-known, at the limits of experience, in language fierce with a living glitter. The familiar world becomes richly disquieting, edged with danger: mute conjoined twins creating a violent secret world; Emily Dickinson’s enigmatic letters to her ‘Master’; a self-portrait of the poet ‘with Her Hair on Fire’. “Soul Keeping Company” introduces Brock-Broido’s poetry to British readers with generous selections from her three acclaimed collections: “A Hunger”, “The Master Letters and Trouble in Mind”.

Lily recommends:

Lucie Brook-Broido sadly passed away at the beginning of March. Well-known and nigh-on worshippedin the US, she and her poems aren't quite as famous in the UK. Carcanet put together this generous, luminous selection in 2010, but her 2013 collection Stay, Illusion is also a treat. Google her giraffe poem, posthumously published in the New Yorker.

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