Mixed-race Superman

From the publisher:

Mixed-Race Superman asks what it means to be mixed race in an increasingly divided world.

In an era where a man endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan can sit in the White House, Will Harris considers how two very different supermen—Barack Obama and Keanu Reeves—each transformed the confusion of a mixed heritage into a heroic identity.

Drawing on personal experience to examine the way that these two men have been embedded in our collective consciousness, Mixed-Race Superman is a moving exploration of race, identity and masculinity that establishes Harris as a truly remarkable writer: wise, generous and razor-sharp.

Lily Recommends:

I've been thinking about The Matrix recently because those small sunglasses are back in fashion. In this essay, Will Harris really thinks about The Matrix, among many other things: the political, the personal, philosophy, pop culture. Mostly it's a mixture of all of the above, and he writes brilliantly. See also: All This Is Implied (Will's poetry pamphlet, published by HappenStance). Look out for: what's next from Peninsula Press!

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