Rachael Beale

Website Managing Editor

Rachael is the web editor for the Bookshop site. Armed with Grammar and Good Sense, she’s equally good at wrangling words and wrangling code. She’s got a keen nose for new writing, and can smell a proof copy a mile away: no matter what it is, she will have read it first.

Ask Rachael about: contemporary fiction, short stories, crime.

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Conversations with Ghosts: Joanna Walsh's Hotel

As the offspring of a geologist working in oil exploration, hotels played a significant part in my childhood. Every two or three years, it would be time for a new country, and a new home, and inevitably a period – ...

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September is the Month of the Book

We wouldn't work in a bookshop if we weren't the kind of people that exclaim with delight when unpacking boxes of books, hoard, swap and generally gloat over proof copies, coo over deckled edging, and have our favourite ...

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Telling and Retelling

There are only seven basic plots – or three, or 20, or 36 – but infinite ways to turn them into stories, something that may explain our persistent fascination with re-telling and reframing.

For the smaller reader, ...

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International Women's Day 2014: Inspiring Change

2014 marks a hundred years since 8 March was established as the official date for the celebration of International Women's Day, although a 'Women's Day' has been observed on other dates and in other forms since 1908. We ...

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