Terry Glover

Queen of the Cake Shop

Terry set up the London Review Cake Shop in 2007. Since then she’s amassed a loyal following, hooked on superior cake, great coffee and smart commentary. Her recipes are as eclectic and inventive as her visual style.

Ask Terry about: cookbooks, pickles, Peckham, punk.

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The Hill Baker

EVENT: The third London Review Cake Shop Pickle Competition will take place on the 13 November. Book tickets here.

Turning off Camberwell High Street into Grove Lane, I always feel like I’ve stepped into a ...

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Refrigeration: a celebration

My response to Jonathan Rees’ new book, Refrigerator, part of the Object Lessons series from Bloomsbury.

Standing in front of an open fridge door; I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember. I can still hear ...

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Our Year in the Brine

Our annual Pickle Competition takes place every autumn. Calling it a 'Pickle Competition' is a bit misleading - it's a broad celebration of preserving techniques; part country fair, part cultural exchange.

We had all ...

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Bloomsbury buzz

There are over half a million bees buzzing around Bloomsbury, St Giles and Holborn, thanks to inmidtown's Urban Bee Keeping project. Bees mean honey, and we in the Cake Shop have got our hands on some this month. It's ...

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High on the Hog: the food of New Orleans

At Easter I’ll be in New Orleans. It’s a city that feels like a banquet of all the great things that life has to offer: music, rhythm, sex, culture, food. I’m expressing my excitement the same way that I express ...

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Eat My Heart Out

For some reason, I've never been able to keep Halloween and Valentine's Day separate in my head: I slip up and call them both 'Valloween'. They're both garish, gross and overly sweet - and they both tap into something ...

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A Pickle Odyssey

Ahead of our pickle competition, Cake Shop manager Terry Glover writes about her global pickle inspirations:

Exploring fermentation has taken me half-way round the world and back. You can take that as an over-eager ...

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Eat It Alive

Beer. Pickles. Bread. Yoghurt. Cheese. In my opinion, the best things in life involve fermentation.

It’s an opinion shared by fermentation guru Sandor Ellix Katz, who preaches ‘peaceful coexistence with microbes ...

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Elderflower Orchard

The birds alerted me that the tree was there. I could hear them squabbling from my bedroom. I opened the window and climbed onto the roof, and there it was: elderflower, in full bloom. I went back in to get my scissors. ... ... Read more

Iniquitous Dishes

'Many of my most vivid memories from books are of the meals the characters eat', writes Dinah Fried in the introduction to Fictitious Dishes. From Madame Bovary's 'dungeon of Savoy Cake' to Humbert Humbert's gin and ...

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Simnel Cake for Spring

There are plenty of traditions associated with Simnel cake, but they're hopelessly muddled. Some say it's a Mother's Day tradition; others link it to Easter celebrations. Some credit the cake's invention to Lambert ...

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Valentine's Day: Wild flowers and Friendship Cake

I met recently with a friend from Australia who I hadn’t seen for many years. She brought me a wonderful gift: a book of pressed wild flowers from the 1920s. The names of the flowers were carefully penned next to the ...

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