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Surrounded by books and fragrant with tea, the London Review Cake Shop is the modern answer to London’s long-lost literary coffee-houses. Accessed through the Bookshop via a corridor in the history section, the Cake Shop offers a small but vibrant menu, a wide selection of fine teas and a superior espresso. Above all, it provides a haven for reading and reflection.

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Christmas Cakes by the London Review Cake Shop

Christmas time in the LRB Cake Shop means another exciting twist on the classic Christmas Cake recipe, made with love and hand-decorated instore by Cake Shop manager Terry Glover.

This year’s is a festive whiskey, ...

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Christmas in the Cake Shop

With jams, chutneys, tea and glassware sets, we’ve plenty of beautiful present ideas to choose from

Here at the Cake Shop you’ll find all kinds of delicious edible gifts for your loved ones this Christmas. We’ve ...

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Rubies in the Rubble

Rubies in the Rubble is a fantastic new company that makes preserves from fruit and vegetables that would otherwise be thrown away by supermarkets. We chatted to their CEO Jenny Dawson about the inspiration ...

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Terry's Easter Edibles

This Easter the Cake Shop has created something special. A traditional cake with a twist, these Simnel cakes are made with whisky, guinness and aged fruits. Perfect for sharing with family and friends, each of these ...

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An Interview with Kylee Newton

Crates of chutneys and jams are stacked against the walls of Kylee Newton’s living room, almost as high as the ceiling.

‘When people hear that I make preserves, I think they picture me in a country house with an ...

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Eat Away The Fear

It isn’t a gimmick and we swear we’re not doing it to gross you out... Bugs are back on our menu! We’ve been taking inspiration from The Insect Cookbook, and experimenting with new flavour combinations, and ...

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Café Love: Persepolis

Persepolis is a happy place. Warm, fragrant and frayed round the edges like a favourite coat, it’s half cornershop, half bazaar – a small space made huge by the abundance of goods on display. Shelves and shelves of ...

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Cake Shop Book of the Month: The Vegetarian

It called to mind something ancient, something pre-evolutionary, or else perhaps a mark of photosynthesis, and he realised to his surprise that there was nothing at all sexual about it; it was more vegetal than ...

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Gin-Drinking Women

Gin! Gin! a Drop of Gin!
The dram of Satan! the liquor of Sin!
Distill'd from the fell
Alembics of Hell.

There's been quite a lot of gin around the Cake Shop recently. A recent tea special featured gin-soaked apricots ...

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