Not Waving But...

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Lord of the Flies

William Golding, introduction by Stephen King

From the publisher:

From the prophetic Simon and virtuous Ralph to the lovable Piggy and brutish Jack, each of the boys attempts to establish control as the reality- and brutal savagery-of their ...

Aurora Leigh

Elizabeth Barrett Browning, edited by Kerry McSweeney

From the publisher:

Aurora Leigh is the foremost example of the mid-nineteenth-century poem of contemporary life. This verse-novel is a richly detailed representation of the early Victorian age. ...

The History of Tom Jones

Henry Fielding, edited by Tom Keymer and Alice Wakely

From the publisher:

Tom Jones is deeply in love with the seemingly unattainable Sophia Western, the beautiful daughter of the neighbouring squire – though he sometimes succumbs to the charms ...

The Grass is Singing

Doris Lessing

From the publisher:

The Nobel Prize-winner Doris Lessing’s first novel is a taut and tragic portrayal of a crumbling marriage, set in South Africa during the years of Arpartheid.