Republic of Consciousness Prize 2020 Longlist

The Republic of Consciousness Prize for Small Presses is back. Here's the longlist for 2020.

Broken Jaw: Stories

Minoli Salgado

From the publisher:

"A brilliantly innovative mosaic of short stories of great skill and exquisite language. This is a compelling and beautiful and important book." – Robert Olen-Butler, ...


Hanne Orstavik, translated by Martin Aitken

From the publisher:

A short, suspenseful Norwegian winter’s tale crafted in beautifully spare and precise prose. A harrowing, tragic story of a mother and her son.


Rónán Hession

Gayle recommends:

A book about a friendship between two quiet men who like board games and comfortable silences. It is, from the first paragraph, extremely funny (‘Leonard was raised by his ...


Mara Coson

From the publisher:

Witch, whore, witch, whore, witch whore, witch whore,
witch whore, witch whore/ Wicky's witch in graveyards / climbing coconut trees, in only three seconds / when she’s ...


Toby Litt

From the publisher:

“This astonishing novel is difficult to discuss fully because, in addition to its many other fine qualities, it is a cliffhanger – one of the most perspiration-inducing ...

Under Pressure

Faruk Sehic

From the publisher:

With this collection of brutal and heart-wrenching stories, the Bosnian writer Faruk Sehic secured his reputation as one of the greatest writers to emerge from the region. A ...

That Lonesome Valley

Melissa Lee-Houghton

From the publisher:

Melissa Lee-Houghton’s debut novel is destined to become a classic of degenerate literature. It ranks alongside Trainspotting and Burroughs’ Junkie as a pre-eminent text ...


Caleb Klaces

From the publisher:

Fatherhood is the debut novel from award-winning poet Caleb Klaces, combining prose and poetry in a work of verse fiction.

El Llano in flames

Juan Rulfo, translated by Stephen Beechinor

From the publisher:

‘Juan Rulfo didn’t write more than three hundred pages, but they are almost as many and, I believe, as durable as those we’re acquainted with from Sophocles.’ ...

The Red Word

Sarah Henstra

From the publisher:

The Red Word offers a lyrical yet eyes-wide-open account of the epic clash between fraternities’ time-honoured ‘right to party’ and young women’s demands for sexual ...